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35 Kms away from Bangalore city on way to Magadi, near the confluence of Arkavathi and Kumudvathi rivers; SPOORTHIVANA – a dream project for preserving all your cherished memories by planting saplings, has come up in 300 acres of sprawling terrains belonging to Bangalore Water Supply & Sewerage Board (BWSSB) at TG Halli (Thippagondanahalli) reservoir catchment area. The Government of Karnataka has approved this greening venture with BWSSB and Parisara...
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Vision and Mission
Vision :
To preserve the eco system for future generations.

To grow trees with active public participation and involvement. To create awareness among public and to create a live museum of memories so that the future generations would be inspired.
image not found   Just plant a tree. It evolves itself by adjusting to the changes of the nature. Gives shelter to innumerable birds, insects and animals. Absorbs poisonous gases that heat up the earth. Prevents soil erosion, preserves moisture and enriches fertility of the land. Grows as a gigantic, marvelous creation that stands as a treasure chest of your memories!
Life is a series of memories – Joyful moments of marriage, happy memories of the arrival of a new family member, proud memories of success and achievements, sad memories of separation, cherished memories of the martyrs for the country. The memories that we want to preserve are countless, the endeavors to immortalize them are eternal. Choose an occasion to plant a tree.

All the trees in Spoorthivana are the property of the Government of Karnataka and are protected under the laws of the state.            

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